5 Resolutions to Tackle in 2023 and How to Keep at it

5 Resolutions to Tackle in 2023 and How to Keep at it
It’s the start of the year again and talk is hustling and bustling with resolutions people want to achieve in the coming year. And rightfully so, for it is a good time to make improvements or get rid of habits which bother us, but have become too ingrained to take the effort out of our busy daily lives to get rid of them.

While acting as a starting point, we should remind ourselves that change should not be tied to the new year only. It is a good excuse, but it shouldn’t be our sole purpose for the will to improve. It should, ultimately, come from within. 

So what is it that you should/could try and tackle this year to improve your quality of life and subsequently also relationship with yourself. This list naturally contains some no-brainer, but also a good old Nordic remedy, for body & soul. 

To keep track of these there are several options, such as keeping a checkboard or list to check off whenever you acted accordingly. Take small steps and try to reign in your expectations. Don’t overshoot your goal or failure might disillusion you, before you even really got going. Don’t be too hard, if you miss your goal - readjustment is a natural part of improvement and some take more time and smaller steps than others, just don’t loose track of or abandon your resolution entirely. Keeping at it, first and foremost is key.


Modern society and the easy availability of all kinds of goods have made us a bit lazy and susceptible to ease of use and just throwing things in our shopping cart. We should hold our breathes once in a while and think about what it is that we put in our body and if it really is necessary to sustain our lifestyle. Many supermarket shelves are stocked with over-processed goods which contain more and artificial sugars and additives than needed, simply because our mind is tricked into craving more of it, making it last longer and in some cases making the product look more appealing to our eyes. If you don’t already, pay attention to what you are buying and consider the options you have to swap. Of course, everybody is limited to their budget and our eating habits should be sustainable not just ecologically, but also fiscally. But it is good to take a step back and consider what you can do.

Maybe a trip to the farmers market once a month to get fresh produce their or cutting the comfort food you so often crave on every other grocery trip makes the first step towards a subtle, but constant change. In our shop you can of course also find products which are no more processed than necessary, have no unnecessary additives and come from the cleanest raw materials the Nordics have to offer. Find tea, honey, berry powders, coffee, cocoa pasta and other grain or bean products in our Food selection. If you want to switch it up as part of any eating-related resolution, also be sure to head over to our recipe section to be able to switch it up, healthily. 




Are you also tied to your office chair for longer than you wish? Want to get up off the couch more often so you feel more comfortable climbing those stairs to your apartment? Starting small can be a trick and going for small and frequent walks can warm your heart to the idea of simply getting up and heading out. Fresh air whether hot or cold gets your blood flow going and improves the oxygen levels in your blood cells. As with many things, sometimes it comes down to just doing it to get started. If you are already used to frequent outings and consider getting in even more activity, sports is always a good idea, whether to shed some unnecessary pounds or simply improve your fitness. No matter if you are doing cardio or engage in team sports or other activities, compression wear improves your blood circulation and oxygen flow - worn under your regular sports clothes Zeropoint’s compression sportswear will improve your performance in the long run. Also it is made from sustainable recycled fibres.



Trying to use less processed products doesn’t apply to food or snacks only, there are also other areas in which you can opt to use processing and synthetic ingredients or raw materials. This usually also applies to our lifestyle choices, meaning avoiding clothes which were unnecessarily dyed, use fibres which have a small lifespan and aren’t really sustainable. There are plenty of alternatives which use certified raw materials and/or take care of recycling as much surplus materials from others sources as possible. The clothes and accessories by Ruukin Kehräämö and Globe Hope do definitely come to mind.

Also cosmetics are an industry in which much processing takes place. Often times many processed goods cannot really be dissolved in our waste water and drain into our oceans and waterways causing pollution. This goes for the products themselves, as well as for their packaging. So if you can, use natural cosmetics by brands which have made it their mission to reduce their carbon footprint by producing with as much renewable energy as possible and adjusting their packaging accordingly. A few shining examples in this regard are Taiga Cosmetics, Luonkos, Ayu Organics and SEES Company



Being more aware of yourself and your body is a good way of taking control of everything which a new year’s resolution, or any resolution for that matter, entails. Having a mindful routine is helpful in raising your awareness and getting sorted through the clutter which sometimes can be our brain. Pick a time of day, be that in the early hours, midday or in the evening before bed. This doesn’t necessarily have to be in a meditative pose or even meditation. Important is that you take the time and really be mindful. It often can help to have a guided meditation. A great alternative is also to do yoga - this can bridge the gap between activity of the body and the mind and can be adjusted accordingly. Refer to our article about why you should try yoga for more information. 





Last but not least a truly Nordic remedy for your body and mind can be a nice stay in the sauna. This helps your mind to relax, because it gets you away from all of the distractions and electronics which surround us everyday. It is a key factor for the happiness of people in the Nordics and rightfully cited as one of the most beloved activities and remedies of those living there. So if you haven’t yet, a good resolution for this year may be to try sauna! It improves the blood flow in your body and the humid heat is perfect to train your body for the hotter temperatures during summer. Also, it helps prevent many respiratory diseases and is perfect to get your immune system up to speed in the colder seasons. Here in our article section we have compiled more pieces about sauna or head here, if you want to see our selection of sauna garments, accessories, scents and more.