How to Choose the Right Cleanser for your Skin

How to Choose the Right Cleanser for your Skin

It can be challenging to find the right cleanser. Read on to discover how to choose the best product just for your skin type.


Many of us suffer from dry skin, especially in winter, and harsh cleansers make this problem even worse. If you have dry skin, avoid strong cleansers and rather opt for cleansing milks or oils such as  Ayu Organics Seabuck & Baobab Oil to Milk Cleanser or Taiga Cosmetics Cleansing Oil Anti-Age. Cleansing creams and balms such as Flow Cosmetics Balm to Milk Cleanser are also a great option. You want a moisturising and gentle cleanser, not something to strip that last bit of natural oils off your skin.

If your skin still feels dry and tight after cleansing, regardless of a suitable cleanser, the culprit may be rinsing with water. Instead, try wiping the cleanser off with cotton wool or a facecloth. Cleansing creams and balms are the best option for this waterless method. Note that a coarse material may irritate the skin, so choose a facecloth made of a soft fabric (bamboo, for example). Finish off by wiping with a cotton wool pad moistened with a toner of your choice to remove any cleanser build-up left on your face.

A face oil is recommendable after applying a moisturiser as it locks in moisture. Try PURE=BEAUTY Jojoba or Argan oil, they are excellent for dry skin. Another option for dry skin is a hyaluronic acid serum; Hyaluron & Probiotics Facial Serum from Flow Cosmetics is a great choice.




If your skin is sensitive, sore and prone to redness, choose a cleanser formulated for sensitive skin, for example Taiga Cleansing Milk Sensitive. If you wear quite a bit of makeup, it's worth following a double cleansing regime. First, remove makeup and oily impurities with cleansing oil. Your second cleanse with cleansing milk will remove water soluble grime. This method allows you to remove makeup without irritating the skin.

After cleansing, your skin should feel supple and hydrated. With sensitive skin, avoid any foaming and exfoliating products - after all, you don't want to put any extra stress on your  skin. If your face feels itchy and tight after cleansing and prior to applying moisturiser, your cleanser is too strong. However, even if you have sensitive skin, you shouldn't ignore cleansing as impurities irritate the skin and may add to redness. If it seems impossible to find a suitable cleanser, it may be advisable to consult a dermatologist. Finish your cleansing routine by applying a calming toner and serum, such as PURE=BEAUTY Birch Sap Mist with Hyaluronic Acid and Flow Cosmetics Arctic Beauty Oil.


With oily skin, gels or foams, such as Taiga Cosmetics Cleansing Gel All Skin Types, are often more effective cleansers - but remember to moisturise. Dry skin produces more sebum, so by cleansing too much and hydrating too little you only make the problem of oily skin worse. Oily skin should feel hydrated after cleansing, and you should avoid washing it squeaky clean and tight. The skin's natural oils are there for a reason and shouldn't be stripped off completely.

Gel is a gentler option to foam, so try switching from foam to gel if irritation occurs. There are cleansing oils suitable for oily skin but make sure you remove oily cleansers thoroughly  to avoid clogged pores and possible inflammation. If your skin is prone to impurities, look for balancing and antibacterial ingredients in your skincare products.



Gels and foams are a good option for impure skin, too. It's important that the product you choose is easy to apply and remove, as excessive rubbing will only agitate inflammation. A good choice is Luoto Tea Tree & Activated Charcoal Soap Bar. When choosing skincare products for impure skin, look for ingredients that are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and balancing - the most important thing is to calm the skin and avoid breakouts.

Balancing argan oil is a fantastic product even for impure skin to finish your moisturising routine, as it slows down sebum production and is non-comedogenic.PURE=BEAUTY Argan Oil is a great option for impure skin.


When you have combination skin, it's important to listen to it and its needs, taking into account seasonality and the skin's condition. Cleansing gels may work well, and if your skin tends towards oily, even foams may be an option. If these feel too drying or irritating, opt for cleansing oils, such as Ayu Organics Seabuck & Baobab Oil to Milk Cleanser.

Remember to exfoliate - AHA  acids are a great aid, benefiting both dry and oily areas on your face and boosting cell renewal in the skin. Ayu Organics Avocado & Papaya Face Mask Powder is a great exfoliator for combination skin. Depending on the skin's condition, opt for a balancing or hydrating toner, such as PURE=BEAUTY Balance Booster with Willow Bark & Seaweed or Flow Cosmetics Rose Floral Water. To clarify your complexion, try Vitamin C Serum Anti-Age from Taiga Cosmetics.


Zero Waste

Today it's easy to find zero waste skincare products. Luoto Cosmetics has a selection of soap bars in recyclable cardboard packaging. There's an option for every skin type, choose for example Luoto Sea Salt Soap Bar or Luoto Tea Tree & Activated Charcoal Soap Bar.

Double Cleansing Method

Originally a Korean method, double cleansing is now becoming more and more popular. The first cleanse will remove makeup and debris with a gentle oil cleanser; the second round of cleansing will wash the skin with a milk or gel cleanser. This two-step method may be a good option for impure and oily skins, which don't necessarily react well to cleansing oil alone, and also for sensitive skin intolerant of strong makeup removers. The following products are ideal for this method: Ayu Organics Seabuck & Baobab Oil to Milk CleanserTaiga Cosmetics Cleansing Gel All Skin Types  and Taiga Cosmetics Cleansing Milk Sensitive.