Humans & Nature in the Nordics

Humans & Nature in the Nordics

The forests in the Nordics are vast and impressive. The Scandinavian countries have some of the biggest untouched stretches of nature in the whole of Europe and the world. There are numerous lakes, mixed forests and impressive coastlines. Sweden and Finland, in particular, call a significant amount of forest land their own, the latter with well over 50% of the country's area being woodland. In the north of Sweden and Finland, you can even still find large areas of virgin coniferous forests that have been untouched for thousands of years. This is not only impressive, but above all impressively beautiful. Anyone who has spent time in one of the countries of the Nordics can confirm this. For the people from the Nordics, this connection with nature is absolutely natural; unsurprisingly, the Nordic countries are considered to be very environmentally friendly and their symbiosis with nature is reflected in the architecture, design, health and way of life of the people.



In the forests of the Nordics with their clean air and unspoiled nature, not only many animals find a suitable retreat in the rich virgin forests and the numerous rivers and lakes, these are also ideal conditions for berries and mushrooms, which of course do not stay hidden from the locals. The Everyman's Right in Norway, Sweden & Finland, for example, states that anyone can be in, harvest and enjoy nature, even on private land, as long as no one is disturbed and nature itself is not harmed. This makes the region an absolute paradise for berry and mushroom pickers. 


Due to the fact that they find good soil conditions, such as the long and extensive sunlight phases in the Arctic and subarctic summer, plants and fungi usually have good conditions to thrive. This, of course, leads to their abundant presence and their stocks of proteins, fiber, minerals and vitamins being plentiful. For example, berries that are also native to us, such as lingonberries, raspberries and blueberries are widespread in the Nordics. But there is also cloudberries, an arctic berry found almost exclusively in the Nordics and said to be especially rich in minerals and vitamins which is why its most berry picker's favorite.




Most of the mushrooms in Scandinavia are also quite familiar to central Europe, but people often underestimate how numerous they actually are up north. Thus, one stumbles upon chanterelles in many corners and they can be found abundantly. Also porcini mushrooms are widespread and in fact, a large part of the porcini popularily consumed in Italy actually comes from Finland, where several million kilograms of mushrooms are collected each year and mushroom picking is also a widespread and common hobby. 



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