KASVU: Best Beard Care from the Nordics

KASVU: Best Beard Care from the Nordics


Are you dealing with a scruffy beard and dry skin, especially in the colder months of the year? Fear not, there is a cure. Kasvu got you covered - and in style that is. Hailing from the depths of Finland they certainly know what they are talking about when they speak of nurturing your beard, Kasvu - by the way - is Finnish for growth, so go figure. All vegan, these products will invigorate your trusted face companion. 



Once out the shower, no matter if hot or cold, you can start off with applying Kasvu Face Drops - they have a really soothing consistency and they smell pleasant without being over the top. And guess what, they do contain shea butter, known for its skin nurturing properties. Keeping your skin smooth and young, Kasvu Face Drops are also perfect for your scalp. Just give it a go and you’ll be amazed. 


As soon as absorbed well into your skin it is time to get to what you came here for - your scruffy beard. Kasvu Beard Oil or Kasvu Beard Acid (no, you read correctly) will do wonders! They both come stocked with all of the oils which will make your beard smooth to the touch while also taking the best care of your skin cells below. Whether you want to go with Kasvu Beard Acid and the much hyped hyaluronic acid in it or prefer a more classic touch with Kasvu’s Beard oil filled with natural oils such as pumpkin seed, black currant, sunflower seed or ricinus - these don’t just sound like a trip to nature, they feel like it. 

Time to get stylin’! Once you got your beard oil on and still want to bring in a little shape, you can gor for some Kasvu Beard Balm to get into sculpting - literally. Coming with the same famed ingredients as Kasvu Beard Oil this balm finishes off your styling and morning routine nicely as it allows you full control over anything no matter if stubble or fully grown beard. Easily applied and you will be slick in no time.