Re-Connecting Nature®: A Unique Microbial Extract from Finnish Nature

Re-Connecting Nature®: A Unique Microbial Extract from Finnish Nature

You may have noticed that some of the natural cosmetics in our online store contain the microbial extract Re-Connecting Nature®, e.g. the products of Luonkos, Moi Forest or the collaboration between SEES Company & Metsä/Skogen. This is for a very specific reason, which you can learn more about in this article.


Re-Connecting Nature® was developed by Uute Scientific Oy in collaboration with the Universities of Helsinki and Tampere in Finland. The aim is to support the immune system of the skin and the body in a natural way against immune-mediated diseases. Of course, a similar effect can be achieved by regularly spending time in the fresh air and nature, but this is often not possible, especially in everyday working life and when having an urban-centered lifestyle.

That's why they developed Re-Connecting Nature®, which mimics nature's rich microbial balance which is simple and safe to use. The contained natural extract from forests and agricultural environment helps the proper development of the immune system. 

In its present form, Re-Connecting Nature® is designed to develop its effects through skin contact, which is why its addition to natural cosmetics is the ideal application, for example in the creams of Moi Forest, which are suitable for young and old, in the wonderful Vitality body oil cake and other products of Luonkos, or in the care products from the collaboration between SEES Company & Metsä/Skogen. In this case, it is mixed in powder form during the manufacturing process to form the final product, thereby stimulating the immune system of the skin and body upon contact with the skin.


Re-Connecting Nature has already been tested for its effects in an extensive study and found to be absolutely safe. It is said to help stop Diabetes I, allergies, asthma and similar immune diseases already in childhood development. It has also been proven that after the use of Re-Connecting Nature ® an increase in biodiversity in the microbial balance of the stomach / intestine of the subjects was detected. If you want to read more about the way Re-Connecting Nature® works, you can do so right here.

Re-Connecting Nature ® was patented on this basis and is constantly being developed further, so you can be sure that even more high-quality products will rely on the effect of nature. :-)