Six Reasons to choose Natural Cosmetics

Six Reasons to choose Natural Cosmetics

In the past few years, natural cosmetics has become a huge trend. However, it's not just  short-lived hype. By choosing natural and ecological cosmetics, you will benefit both yourself and the environment.

Now, take a look at your makeup bag, the skincare products, toiletries and hygiene products in your bathroom and the detergents you have at home. Do you really know what's in them? Read on as we set the record right and explain why choosing natural over synthetic is a wise decision!



The skin is your largest organ, and everything you apply on it will affect your general well-being. By using natural cosmetics you can nurture, care and love your skin with clean and nourishing products. It doesn't make sense to subject your skin to all sorts of synthetic formulas and ingredients when you can just as easily choose genuinely skin-loving alternatives.



There's no shortage of information on what unhealthy, processed food does to us but cosmetics-related health issues are not that often addressed. Take the most exclusive, expensive synthetic cosmetics brands and check the ingredients of their products: those from natural origin usually represent a small percentage of the compounds (generally less than 20%), while the rest is unnecessary binders and fillers such as micro plastics, mineral oil, silicones and parabens. This synthetic cocktail forms a layer on the skin, making it look smooth and supple, but as the layer wears out or is washed off, the look is gone, too. The beauty of a synthetic product is literally only skin deep. On the contrary, natural cosmetics products are formulated almost entirely with natural ingredients such as plant oils, botanical extracts, natural minerals and flower hydrolates. They are easily absorbed by the skin, offering long-lasting, true skin nutrition. 




Whatever you use for your skin eventually ends up in waterways, so it DOES matter what you choose. Natural cosmetics manufacturers take the environment into account every step of the way, from ingredients and their production and procurement to manufacturing. Ingredients of natural origin and often organically grown ones are favoured. Wild grown plants are also a common ingredient in natural cosmetics. Whenever possible, plants are used from root to top, nothing wasted. 


Our hormonal system is constantly affected negatively by factors such as stress, pollution and deficiencies of essential nutrients. This list may also include cosmetics we use. Synthetic cosmetics and household detergents generally contain xenoestrogens that mimic natural estrogen. When xenoestrogens accumulate in the body, they can disturb its natural hormonal balance, resulting in various health issues. Choose natural cosmetics for happy hormones and healthy you!



With cosmetics, it's a jungle out there. You will come across with many a product green washed and marketed as natural cosmetics even though they are not. Thanks to eco certification it's easy to separate the wheat from the chaff and find truly clean and ecological cosmetics. The control and certification organisation is always independent of the manufacturer. The certifier will audit each and every product including its raw materials and their processing, manufacturing, factories, ecological aspects of production and packaging recyclability. GMO and animal testing are banned in certified natural cosmetics manufacturing. The most common certifications include Ecocert, NaTrue, Soil Association and Cosmos Standard. When a product carries a logo from any of these certifiers, it guarantees that it has undergone a thorough and transparent audition process. 


More often than not, natural cosmetics products are manufactured by family businesses or niche brands on a mission to provide consumers with ecological alternatives to chemical-loaded cosmetics. To have products audited and certified by an internationally accredited certifier is a huge investment to a small business. This is why there are quite a few brands easily complying with natural cosmetics standards but not carrying any official logos as they can't afford the expensive official certification process. By supporting these companies you give them a chance to continue their R&D and have a future in an important field of business. Minska's online shop offers you superior quality natural cosmetics, true and clean, also from smaller and not that well-known brands. We have done our homework regarding their ingredients and integrity with manufacturing and ecological aspects, so you can just sit back and start browsing our online selection!