Taiga Cosmetics - Natural Cosmetics from Lappland

Taiga Cosmetics - Natural Cosmetics from Lappland


The light touch of the fresh fell wind on your skin and the soft feel of lichen under your feet.  Drawing in the scents of pure nature, the unique taste of Nordic berries in your mouth. The magical power of Lappish nature in your bathroom.

Taiga Cosmetics is based on the idea of offering everyone the opportunity to take care of their unique skin with ingredients from the pure Finnish nature. Finnishness and purity are one of the company’s core values. Taiga Cosmetics manufactures natural cosmetics in Finland, and the active ingredients in the products come from the unique nature of Finnish Lapland.


In the north, cold winters and bright summer nights make plants grow tough and nutritious. The unique conditions in Lappish nature pack the ingredients with special caring properties. The natural cosmetics products by Taiga Cosmetics care for your skin with these active ingredients from the northern nature. The active ingredients used in the products include nourishing bilberry, lingonberry and sea-buckthorn seed oils, as well as valuable birch, spruce, pine and chaga extracts. In the products by Taiga Cosmetics, active ingredients from Lappish nature are combined with perfected product development, resulting in pure, high-quality natural cosmetics. Now Taiga Cosmetics offers these pure, ethically produced products straight to your home.


In addition to the wonderful active ingredients sourced from the northern nature, the Taiga natural cosmetics products contain other ingredients that are proven to be effective. These include skin-pampering argan oil, moisturizing hyaluronic acid and skin-renewing polyhydroxy acid. All the products in the Taiga natural cosmetics line are COSMOS-certified in accordance with the Natural standard. This certification guarantees that the products are safe, natural and ethically manufactured. What this means in practice is that the ingredients used by Taiga Cosmetics are 99–100% of natural origin and that the ingredients have been processed as little as possible. 


The products are sustainable throughout their entire life cycle. The wild plants used in the products are picked in a sustainable manner that respects nature. The products are vegan and do not contain any ingredients of animal origin. The products or their ingredients are not tested on animals. Nature’s own energy – solar power – is utilized in the production.

A lot of attention has also been paid to the packaging. All the packages of Taiga natural cosmetics products are hygienic and manufactured in a sustainable manner. The product packaging is 100% recyclable, and the raw materials are natural and biodegradable. Any product parts containing plastic can be recycled as plastic and any glass parts can be recycled as glass. The outer packaging of all the products is made of recyclable cardboard. The production, use and disposal of the products have a minimal environmental impact. Sustainability has been taken into account in the products’ entire life cycle. Moreover, new, innovative and hygienic airless packaging has been utilized with the face and eye creams. 


Cosmetics are often targeted at a specific group of users. Women and men have separate product lines. Taiga Cosmetics wanted to approach this matter from another perspective and launch a certified Nordic natural cosmetics line suitable for each and every one of us. This is how the unisex Taiga Cosmetics product line came to be.

Taiga’s products are suitable for everyone, and particular attention has also been paid to keeping the scents neutral. Half of the products are unscented and half have a mild scent of summer-morning dew or berries. The line offers suitable products for all skin types, including sensitive and aging skin. In accordance with the company’s philosophy, we all can care for our skin with these lovely, high-quality products that draw their strength from the northern nature.

With the aid of the natural cosmetics by Taiga Cosmetics, you can pamper your skin with active ingredients from Finnish Lapland without compromising on sustainability or ethics.