The Inception of Cafetoria Roastery Fueled by a Trip to Peru

The Inception of Cafetoria Roastery Fueled by a Trip to Peru


Ivan and Mia, the founders of Cafetoria Roastery have a longstanding and deep connection to the beautiful country of Peru where their friends and partners, the coffee producers of the Gran Palomar Cooperative are located. When they first came there, the Cooperative consisted of about 60 families, but their size has grown to about more than 200. Since many things have changed, to understand the inception of Cafetoria Roastery it is probably best to take a look at how it all started.

Back in 2001, when they started the Cafetoria project by bringing Gran Palomar raw coffee beans to Finland, they hardly had any idea of where the project was really going to go. At the time they saw, was the motivation of its people to make the best of what they had with only a single raw material to work with - the coffee. However, things were not so easy, because the coffee prices at that time were among the lowest in 30 years. Under these circumstances they decided, encouraged by the producer’s passion, to take a leap of faith and to help them do something about it.




So, in 2002 they founded Cafetoria Roastery in Tapanila, Helsinki. Looking back on it 15 years later, many things have changed in the village. Once there was a time where the village’s activity ended very early in the day since there was no electricity, only a single fixed telephone line for all the village and lack of infrastructure to process the green coffee beans efficiently. Today every producer has their own mobile phone and they enjoy basic services such as electricity and water. They also have built a big processing plant that is in compliance with the EU organic regulations. 

Although nowadays they offer coffees from more than 16 countries, Gran Palomar occupies a special place in their heart and they are delighted to know that it is also in a special place in the heart of many a coffee lover.

Cafetoria Roastery have been selling the coffee’s from Peru to almost everywhere around the globe and besides their roastery in Lohja, they also have locations in Helsinki and Espoo, bringing the liquid bliss to coffee fans in Finland. 



Mia & Ivan’s love to their trade and to the product which they highlight by closely working with their partners and thus ensuring ethical and sustainable production and distribution of profits is e.g. recognized by their nomination as Coffee Influencers of the Year 2020. Ivan has also been named Finnland's Immigrant Entrepreneur of 2021! So it is natural that Cafetoria Roastery's success is no wonder, since Mia and Ivan, who became Finland’s first Cup tasting champion (seeing that Finn’s lead the world rank of coffee consumption per Capita this really speaks for itself), make sure that only the best quality coffee’s make their way into the Cafetoria Roastery roaster.

We suggest you grab a cuppa & kiitos!