Tips for your Keto Diet

Tips for your Keto Diet
You may have heard about the keto diet trend. Here we summarize what's important and what keto foods you can find on Minska to help you with your experience!


You may have come across the keto diet under a different name, because it is often referred to as a no-carb diet. Why is explained quite quickly, because the goal is that your body reaches the so-called ketosis (or ketolysis). The goal is to skillfully reprogram your body so that it no longer uses carbohydrates for energy, but fat. Accordingly, you also greatly reduce the intake of carbohydrates.

Through a diet that contains hardly any carbohydrate intake, your fat cells increasingly convert and release fatty acids into so-called ketone bodies, which your muscles can then burn directly for energy. The goal is to consume no more than 5% of carbohydrates to reach the state of ketosis.

More specifically, you should follow the following rule of thumb of the nutrient percentage of your diet:

 Nutrient Percentage of your food intake
Carbohydrates 5 % 
Protein 20 %
Fat 75 %


In ketosis, the main effect is a faster satiety that lasts longer after meals - this is because your metabolism has switched from glucose to ketosis. Pay attention to your body's signals and drink fluids and, depending on how you feel, take small breaks every now and then so as not to overload your body.




Since the keto diet is about taking in significantly more fats than carbs & sugar, there are some foods that are particularly suitable here. In addition to meat & fish, dairy products, fruits & vegetables, as well as nuts, seeds and fats in the form of e.g. oil and cocoa butter are also well suited.

So you will find a lot of things that support you in your successful keto diet at Minska. In addition to the various field bean products from Voima-Papu, which are gluten-free and high in protein and fiber, there is a whole range of products from Ketokamu that you can use to support your keto diet, especially if you are missing the chocolatey snack between meals or the sweet spread in the morning.

You need to keep the percentage of good fats in your diet high when following the keto diet. Also, you should make sure to consume only good fats and therefore pay special attention to the quality of the products you choose. Greenfinn's oils, such as their Camelina Oil and their Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil are therefore excellent sources of fat.

For support, especially if you're exercising on the side, Ketokamu's electrolyte powder and Nordiq Nutrition's supplements are also great - NORDIQ Nutrition® Triple Magnesium + Ashwagandha & NORDIQ Nutrition® Multi Nutrient are particularly suitable here.

Remember to consult your doctor or a nutritionist if you are unsure and especially if you want to follow a long-term ketogenic diet.