What Your Skin Needs During Summer

What Your Skin Needs During Summer
Skincare is essential, especially during the summer months. In this article we have compiled some useful tips and tricks as to how your skin stays smooth and healthy also in the current heat spells we are experiencing. 


This might seem like a no-brainer, but of course: more heat leads to sweating which leads to a reduction in the water balance in your skin. Additionally, not just the sun, but also dust and pollen circulating in the air dry out your skin and stick to it. 

UV light also is an increasing factor in the summer treatment of your skin, so when out and about, always make sure you take care to use sunscreen or blocker to avoid inflammation or worse, burning. 



What your skin needs in the summertime also sounds simply, but is not always achieved so easily. You need to replenish its water balance, nourish it and take exceptional care of cleaning and maintaining it. That way you protect your skin and retain a silky smooth glow. You also have to make sure not to stress your skin out too much with the usage of the products which help you protect it in order not to reverse the effect.



You have heard this countless times, but that is largely because it remains true: beauty comes from the inside. Make sure you always provide your body with enough water, and no, we don’t mean snazzy cocktails or soft drinks, but water or tea which has an actually nourishing effect on your body and not vice versa. 



Use the product you use gently. Make sure not to apply anything to thick, because it will reduce your skin’s ability to absorb moisture and limit its breathing capabilities. Less is often more and especially well suited are anything you can dose well like the Flow Cosmetics Balm to Milk Cleanser or like the Taiga Cosmetics Beauty Essence Sensitive. Alternatively you can use light mists or waters, like the PURE=BEAUTY Birch Sap Mist with Hyaluronic Acid or Flow Cosmetics' wonderful Chamomile & Probiotics Facial Mist. Just refrain from applying anything too thick! 


Allow your skin to go on a vacation too. Especially face masks and body scrubs might be something which you don’t allow yourself too often. During summer, however, you should indulge. The nourishing and nurturing properties of Ayu Organics’ facial masks and body scrubs are the perfect vacation for your skin giving it the extra boost of power it may need to get through the summer. They can be dosed excellent as well, as you mix them yourself! 



Use products with Hyaluron and Vitamin-C in them. They are naturally strengthening agents which give your skin the extra kick it needs in the dry heat and help it stabilize and be better protected against the additional wear.

Take extra good care with your cleaning routine. With all the extra wear your skin is subjected to we mentioned in the beginning, a good cleaning routine should be a given in the summertime. Recommended is an extra cleaning and especially using oil based cleansers, because they are mild and extra nurturing for your skin. Flow Cosmetics Balm to Milk Cleanser or Ayu Organics Seabuck & Baobab Oil to Milk Cleanser are two excellent go to’s here. Luonkos also have a range of wonderful oil based cleansers which are easy to dose, because they are solid. Luonkos also have effective cleaning towels and sponges which will lift your cleansing routine to the next level!


So, stay cool and moisturized!