Why Sauna is a Good Idea During the Whole Year

Why Sauna is a Good Idea During the Whole Year
Sauna is just for the colder of season? By no means is that the case - our article tells you why it is indeed a good idea to have a decent sweat in the warmer months of the year.

The positive effects of regular sauna visits are obvious: blood circulation is promoted, the immune system is strengthened and regular switching off also works wonders for mental health. 

Normally, the sauna season runs from autumn to spring, i.e. from September to April or even May, depending on the weather. This seems logical, as we associate sauna with cold temperatures, and it is precisely in the cold seasons that it strengthens the immune system and protects the body from disease. 

However, there are also good reasons to venture into the hot steam regularly throughout the year - that's right. Even in summer, going to the sauna can be a good idea. We have summarized here a few reasons why even in the true season a trip to the sauna can work wonders!





1. In the sauna, your body temperature increases, which makes your immune system think that this is the reaction to a pathogen and it gets stimulated. So if you also go to the sauna regularly in the summer time, you can say bye bye to any summer flu, because your immune system learns to react to actual diseases accordingly and faster.
2. Sauna in the summer will make you learn to cope better with summer heat. Not only will your body, or rather your immune system, but also your sweat glands. In the end you will not sweat as fast and your body will be able to handle the dry summer heat better, which by the way is much less pleasant than the humid heat in the sauna. Finns also value the refreshing effect when coming out of the sauna on a summer evening and being able to literally let off the steam. 

3. Taking a sauna all year round has great effects on your skin! Horny and dead skin of the uppermost skin layers comes off more easily through sweating, and the increased heating and cooling also promotes the formation of new skin cells along with the blood circulation. This ensures that your skin automatically looks fresher and healthier. 

4. The best and long-term effect of sauna is achieved by going to the sauna several times a week over a period of several months. Regular sauna bathing throughout the year is therefore not a bad idea for the long-term health benefits that sauna can bring.



Sounds unusual? But it is not at all! In Finland, the home of the sauna, as well as in Sweden, Norway and Iceland, it is common to go to the sauna also in the summer, also for the reasons described above. For some people it is even normal and extensive sauna sessions are part of many midsummer celebrations and you can very well guess why. Try it out!