Your Entry Into Aromatherapy

Your Entry Into Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy? No, even if the name might suggest it, it's not about taste at all, but primarily about smells. Our article will tell you what aromatherapy is all about, how you can get started and what it is actually good for.


Aromatherapy has been used in one form or another by early cultures and therefore has several thousand years of use in which it has proven its worth. It has its origins in herbal medicine and the natural oils that can be extracted from them - either through cold pressing or steam distillation.

Through these oils, usually diluted, this holistic method, which, properly applied, can promote our well-being, puts our body in a state of relaxation or recovery, depending on the natural essential oil applied.

Its advantages are obvious, because with naturally obtained essential oils you can improve your well-being in the short and long term and benefit from the cosmetic and functional properties of essential oils.




The nose is one of our most important sensory organs, which plays an important role not only in picking up scents, but also in tasting. The sense of smell is one of the first senses to develop in the womb and we are able to perceive and absorb odors at an early age. We store smells like memories and this alone shows how essential our sense of smell is for our lives. So it is not surprising that we can positively influence our body and nervous system with the messenger substances that smells make it emit. Not only the body itself, but also individual organs can be influenced by the scents, which is why aromatherapy, as the name suggests, is recognized as a therapeutic methodology and can be applied. Often, however, this communication with the body does not work exclusively through the sense of smell, because the essential oils often find topical applications that improve skin properties and its regeneration.

This is where aromatherapy comes in. In this article you will find, among other things, a few tips and suggestions on how to integrate aromatherapy into your everyday life, if you want to take advantage of its positive effect.




Essential oils naturally enjoy a wide variety of uses and only the most common ones are listed here, but there are other ways to use essential oils. How exactly you can use the respective essential oils, you will always find in the product information.

Room fragrance

The application as a room fragrance is especially known and popular for its psychological and mood-lifting effect. Through the application, the air in the room is purified and with the spreading fragrances, a feeling of relaxation and arrival sets in, which can have many advantages, especially in stressful everyday life.

Especially the aroma stone and the essential oils of SEES are ideal for your entry into the scenting of rooms and with their aroma stone it works without electricity and plastic.

SEES Raumduft

Bath and sauna

Some essential oils are suitable for a refreshing and relaxing bath. The advantage of bathing is mainly that the warm water opens the pores of the skin and thus the effect of the essential oil can be absorbed throughout the body. In the sauna, a few drops of essential oils in the infusion can work wonders and due to the rapid steam development, the fragrances are distributed quickly and efficiently in the sauna.

Skin or massage oil

Together with carrier oils, essential oils are also excellent for skin care, as they combine well with the body's own fats. SEES, for example, have a wonderful skin oil collection that already combines a pleasant blend of essential and carrier oils so that your skin can take advantage of the regenerative and beneficial properties of the oils.



Functional application

Of course, there are also functional uses for the various properties of essential oils - for example, Kuura Essentials have developed essential oil blends with many uses, not only as fragrances, but also to repel insects and ticks - so the uses of essential oils are many and useful in everyday life too!