Eveliina Tistelgren: From Professional Athlete to Inner Balance

Eveliina Tistelgren: From Professional Athlete to Inner Balance

I’m Eveliina, 30 years old, and I moved to Finnish Lapland one year ago. I grew up in the Eastern and Southern Finland but wanted to move to the north to be able to be more in touch with nature and myself. I live here with my boyfriend and a golden retriever.

I’m a wellness entrepreneur; coach, yoga teacher and social media influencer. I’m also a former athlete. Year 2019 I won the World Championship in Women’s Fitness (IFBB) and ended my sports career. I had been focusing on sports and competing my whole life - first gymnastics and cross country skiing, then fitness. I loved it but I also started to feel that there’s more to life than sports. I felt that when I truly was ready to be the world’s best and let go, I won. That was my biggest dream for such a long time and it finally came true. And then it was time for me to do something else.

I have also been coaching for 15 years. For a few years now I’ve been mostly coaching online to be able to help more people and it also gave me the possibility to focus on my athletic career more. I have been coaching people from kids to elders but now mostly women who want to find better balance in their lives. I love yoga, bodyweight training, handstanding, intuitive movement and eating, breathing exercises and all kinds of mental practices that helps you to achieve the life you want. I’m a big fan of creating better routines but at the same time enjoying life and being flexible with everything.

I’m a Bachelor of Sports, NLP Practitioner and after ending my sports career I went to yoga teacher training (YTT200). I’m also studying to be a positive psychology coach soon. I’m always willing to challenge myself more and learn new things! It’s always a combination of studying and practical work.

One topic which is super interesting to me is finding better balance in your life. Life is about hard work and sometimes worries but it should also be about joy, love, happiness and inspiration. I hope that I can help you to find those things in your life. Thank you for being here!