Jennika Salmela: My Diagnosis and my Way to Myself

Jennika Salmela: My Diagnosis and my Way to Myself

Doctors say that everything is fine but you will need medical help to get pregnant because you have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). You are so young so stay on the Pill, and it will fix your periods.

Okay… I am fine but I will need medical help to get pregnant? That's what I was told when I quit the Pill in 2013 and I did not have any periods for over a year.

My name is Jennika Salmela, and I'm a nurse and health coach specialising in female hormonal imbalances. My approach to women's health is very holistic; our hormonal system is amazing, powerful and you can help it to function like nature intends!  You have all the power that you need to fix your PCOS naturally, get pregnant even with PCOS and live your life to the fullest!

You probably already put two and two together and realized that my own experieces and health challenges inspired my career. I actually see my PCOS as a blessing in disguise as without it I wouldn't be the person I am today, doing what is my heart's calling.

So here's how the story goes. In 2013, my husband and I wanted to start a family. I quit the Pill, but my periods  would not start. I waited about one year and then went to see the doctor whose opinion was that everything was ok, but as I had PCOS, I'd need medical help to get pregnant because otherwise it wouldn't happen.

That was a huge bomb. Why was my body failing me? What an earth was PCOS? Why  couldn't I fall pregnant without medical intervention? What could I do with myself? The answer I got was: nothing. I couldn't do anything because my weight was normal, so the only advice I was given was to stay on the Pill and wait for the periods to normalise.

Ok, thanks doc. I was so confused that I just cried. In tears, I called my husband to break the news of my hormones and body failing me, and our dream of having a baby being only possible with medical help.

We started infertility treatments. I took some pills - nothing happened. Over and over again. My body did not respond. I started injections, again nothing. NOTHING! What was so wrong with my body that it could not do anything? I was so broken and disappointed at my body. Was I even a woman?

We took a time out. I was so shattered and questioned myself as a woman. And that was a really important moment to me. I realized that I wanted to know my body. For the first time ever, I felt that my body was calling me, screaming HELP, Jennika HELP! I started to read everything I could find about PCOS. I started studying hormonal health, being my own guinea pig while I was learning.

As a sporty person I had always paid attention to my diet and thought the food I ate was healthy and nutritious. How wrong I was!  I didn't get enough good fats but had too much protein and carbs. My workout routine needed some adjustment, too. I reduced the intensity of my workouts and started to focus on recovery.

But the most important thing was that I started to listen to myself. What did my body need, what was it trying to tell me? Who was I? What did I want  and how could I support my feminity?

I kept going and felt like coming home, connecting with myself again. Then we started the infertility treatments again. And my body responded!!! Just one insemination and our firstborn son began his journey to the world. Now he is 5 years old.

That journey triggered something remarkable in me. I wanted to know more so I took part in training courses on hormonal issues and kept reading. I nurtured my body, our first son was growing and my periods started. I got pregnant for the second and third time completely naturally. I was ovulating, my PCOS symptoms and labs normalised and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I felt that I WAS A WOMAN, a powerful woman who could do anything she wanted. Nothing would stop me.

That’s why I am here today, helping women with PCOS to claim their bodies back to themselves. I help women to love themselves, to find themselves and connect with their bodies again - to embrace themselves as whole human beings.

To me as a hormone specialist it is very important to remind yourself that you have all the power in you to heal yourself. I am here for you. You can heal your PCOS ridden body totally naturally. I see this every day. Women getting pregnant, saying goodbye to PCOS symptoms. I also see women with no previous faith in their feminine side start blossoming again, empowered and believing they deserve to live their lives to the fullest.

Everything I use in my programs is natural. All you need for your journey is you, a lifestyle that supports and nurtures your body and mind and your consciousness of how you want to live. We may add some supplements and herbs to help you along. But the most important thing is you. The desire and motivation to start being the real you is enough.  

I trust you and I know that you can do this. So trust yourself - you are a beautiful and powerful woman.

Big hugs, Jennika Salmela