Sweet potato and Lentil Soup with Peanut Butter

Duration40 min
Sweet potato and Lentil Soup with Peanut Butter
Make an easy sweet potato soup with lentils, peanut butter, harissa paste and coconut milk. This vegan and gluten-free soup is filling, spicy and wonderfully velvety.


1 onion 1 tbsp olive oil 1 kg sweet potato 130 g red lentils 4 teaspoons of harissa paste 2 vegetable stock cubes 1 l water 1 pk coconut milk 40 g sugar-free peanut butter 2 tablespoons lemon juice + salt + fresh coriander


  1. Finely chop the onion. Peel and dice the sweet potatoes.
  2. Rinse the lentils in a colander.
  3. Sauté the onions in a saucepan with olive oil until softened.
  4. Add the water, lentils, sweet potatoes, harissa paste and vegetable stock cubes. Simmer under the lid until the sweet potato is soft.
  5. Puree the soup and pour in the coconut milk, peanut butter and lemon juice. Blend until smooth.
  6. Season with salt and fresh coriander.


Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup