Teemu Syrjälä: If Everyone Talks, No One Listens

Teemu Syrjälä: If Everyone Talks, No One Listens
Teemu thinks that our modern debate culture has some things it could take to heart so that the real issues can shift back into focus.

If everyone talks, no one listens.


If everyone has already made up their minds, no one gives a chance to other ideas.


If important discussions are angry shouts, then there is no real discussion.


If we have absolute opinions, they will become stronger and stronger as we try to find like-minded people around us. The bubble gets stronger when we constantly get reinforcement from others and question other points of view without even really exploring them. Algorithms make things even easier - opinions are "decided" long ago, even in today's debates.

We can't have a real debate if we don't see others with opinions, as human beings, but belittle, ridicule, even bash them. This dehumanisation is everywhere. Various terms degrade a person, as belonging to a group, making it easier to belittle them even more, because they are no longer human beings but "idiots".

When dealing with complex issues, with complex solutions, simplifying, picking sides and consolidating an opinion can bring a sense of security that is not necessarily present in uncertainty.


Teemu is not only on the road as a motivational speaker, but also organizes weekends where you can find your way back to yourself and nature. But it is not only about the relationship man & nature, but also our coexistence as a society. 

Angry and even aggressive ways of communicating do not work - if you want someone to listen and even change their mind. The strategies chosen are often not ones that work in a way that is receptive to the human psyche. How well has blame and intimidation worked on nature themes? It doesn't work, it often pushes people away from the important issue itself - how we treat nature and the environment.

We have two ears and one mouth, use them in proportion - says the old saying, which makes a good point. Let's listen a little more. Let's see others as human beings. Let's create receptive conversations, so that change is possible. This requires moving beyond our own anger and frustration, reducing our reactivity and accepting that we don't know the whole truth, about reality. In other words, being present, open and willing to build bridges between people, regardless of differences.