About Us

Who is in charge of your health and happiness? 

I often say that I have two lives within this lifetime. Before everything changed at the end of 2017, I was living my life in a completely different way. I ate whatever was good and simple to get. No, I didn’t eat junk food every day, but still I understood little about the processes and reality of the food industry. I often had semi-ready meals, heavily processed food with little nutritional value, and I had no understanding of supplements. But it was not only the food. My lifestyle in general was not healthy. I cared a lot about what others thought about me. How I look was very important for me. I often bought new clothes and other things. I was looking for happiness from the things I bought, from all the travels I made and all that I consumed. My opinions of myself and other people were not always positive. It was easy to blame others. It was not a rare thing for me to have hard parties at the end of week, which took many days to recover. I could afford all this, because I worked so heavily in the corporate world, and was earning a significant amount of money. 

When I think about those years of my life, I am very grateful for the change I went through. My healing process started at the end of 2017, when I was left alone from a relationship, in the middle of a fertility treatment process. All my dreams and plans were taken away in one evening. This was enough to wake me up.

I found myself cutting my work hours. Instead of heavy sports, I started to take yoga classes and went for walks in the forests. I read a lot at home and really calmed my life down. That period was very tough, but on the other hand it was the first time I didn’t blame anyone else for it. Not my ex-partner, not myself, no one. I feel like my consciousness was taken to a completely new level. I understood that all this was meant to happen, and I was personally in charge of my life. 

The following two years were intense. Many things changed. I realized that my own health and wellbeing was really in my own hands. Instead of taking pills to cure the symptoms, I wanted to understand the root causes of my health problems. I changed my diet to very clean food. I became interested in biohacking, how I could still affect my wellbeing by giving attention not only to my food but also to my sleep, thoughts, and way of living my life as a whole. I started to feel better and better every day. My values changed drastically. I understood that the purpose of life is giving. By contributing to the community and other people’s lives you can experience so much more love. 

A major step happened in January 2019. I left my corporate career, my 200k € yearly earnings. I had no choice at the end. I had reached the point where it simply gave me nothing anymore, and my guidance was very strong to take this giant leap of faith. I wanted to have a bigger purpose for my life. At that moment I had no clue what was coming, I had no plans on what to do next, just an empty space. All I knew is that I wanted to give myself time to reflect, and also to concentrate on a very important process I was going through at that moment with the fertility treatments I had continued on my own. I was waiting for an egg cell donation to happen. My dream of getting a child had not disappeared despite the struggles I had gone through with the topic. 

Then it happened. The idea of Minska came to my mind. Very intuitively. It started to follow me. Hunt me, really! I started seeing signs everywhere, all the time. After a couple of months I had no other choice than to start building this idea and to see where it would lead. The idea itself was to spread the learnings I had made, to give people tools to become healthier. The change I had experienced was so strong in a good way, that I wanted others to be able to experience it too. 

Minska’s mission is to help people feel better. We believe that when an individual becomes healthy, they are better to themselves, treat not only people but also the world around them better. We value holistic wellbeing. We try to give inspiration for people to make better choices in many areas of life. One step at a time. All the food we sell and recipes we offer contain no processed, white flours, no chemicals and no white sugar. All our products are chemical free. And as we respect every individual around us, we guarantee that all our products are sustainably produced. Our mission is also to inspire people to the path of healing through the content we offer. You might draw inspiration from the story of a like-minded person, through a free yoga class we offer, or through the products that help you to reduce toxins in your body. 

When the healing starts, beautiful things happen. For me the most valuable gift I was given was the birth of my daughter. Eden, my baby girl, was born roughly the same time that Minska was launched in Finland. These two are clearly connected with a deep purpose. No words can describe the gratitude I feel for them, and for the other goodness I have experienced. All this has led me to live a completely different life. I have found the connection to the true me, who I really am. To my purpose, my mission. Having said that, I have decided to dedicate my life to help others to heal. To spread the light and wellbeing among people. 

This is our story. I welcome you to join the path with us. 

With love,