Natural Cosmetics from Finland
AYU is a company that offers responsible natural cosmetics and wellness products. Behind AYU are the sisters Satu and Elina from Espoo, for whom inner and outer well-being is a way of life. AYU was founded in 2018.
A trip to the rich nature of Bali, a paradise full of herbs and flowers, was the beginning of the AYU story. The idea was born in 2012 when Satu, a biologist, was researching medicinal herbs in Bali. Satu was impressed by the skin nurturing properties of herbs, which sparked the idea to develop her own skin care line. Ayu's skin care concept is based on the unique properties of plants found in the paradisaical nature of Indonesia. Elina is the designer responsible for the design and visual identity of the products. The packaging design also focuses on sustainability without compromising on quality.

The name AYU is Sanskrit for life, vitality and Indonesian for beautiful and elegant.

AYU products are 100% organic, functional, responsibly made, free from chemicals, water and animal testing. They are made only from ingredients that promote skin wellness. The fragrances are obtained from plant extracts and essential oils.