Minska's Blog

We at Minska not simply value a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, we also like to be inspired by those who are leading by example. Here you will find pieces by humans who are a huge inspiration to us, and may soon also be for you.

Teemu Syrjälä

Teemu Syrjälä grew up in northern Finnland. He is a mentor with a pragmatic approach to everything he does. He finds his purpose in nature and an ecological lifestyle and wants to help others to discover and develop their strengths and potential.

Jennika Salmela

Jennika is a balance coach and has specialized in hormon treatments for women with PCOS. In her blog she gives tips for maintaining hormonal balance and how your body can achieve anything you put your mind to!

Eveliina Tistelgren

Ever since leaving her athletic career, Eveliina ist has worked as a yoga and wellness coach. She lives in Lapland and wants to help others strengthen their connecting of mind and body while also listening to their intuiton.

Outi Ellilä

Minska's founder is writing about what drives her and why Minska's mission is at the very core of her heart's passion.