Forest Investments

We invest in Finnish forests


Caring for the environment is at the core of Minska's sustainability principles, and we strive to minimize our impact on the environment in all our activities. We optimize our logistics chain and the location of our warehouses to keep our carbon footprint smaller. We ensure that our suppliers comply with our strict sustainability principles. We educate our customers to buy more in one order but only what they need. By making good choices, we encourage consumption that is more sustainable and creates sustainable well-being.

For every purchase made in our online shop, we invest 2% of the tax-free total in forests.

Despite our actions, we still pollute the environment - but we take responsibility for it. When it comes to being environmentally friendly, we want to be a pioneer and an active player. That’s why we invest 2% of the turnover of our online shop in Finnish forests, from which we grow carbon sinks. We do this through Hiilennielu jointly owned forest, a project aiming to increase the tree cover, support climate change mitigation, increase natural carbon sinks, and maintain the diversity of the unique Finnish nature.


Shopping with Minska makes a difference. We invest 2% of the tax-free total of every single online purchase in forests. In practice, once a year, we conquer a year's online purchases worth of forest for a good cause.


Hiilennielu uses so-called continuous cover forestry based on the natural regeneration of forests. The aim is to make the forest absorb carbon as efficiently as possible. Thinning is carried out so that carbon sequestration and carbon stocks remain strong, and the average volume of trees per hectare is well above average.

In the thinning process, the largest and most damaged trees are selectively felled. But, to preserve biodiversity, not all old trees are cut down. Silvicultural measures are done to promote tree growth and carbon sequestration.


The goal is to make the forest as efficient a carbon sink as possible and maintain forest biodiversity and vibrant habitat for animals and plants. A continuously growing forest with permanent cover is also a joy to the eye and provides recreational value for visitors.


Hiilennielu uses all proceeds to buy new forest estates.



A forest with permanent cover also retains soil nutrients better than a clear-cut forest, which leaches nutrients into rivers and lakes and eutrophicates them. Thus, by choosing the correct logging method, we also indirectly protect our rivers and lakes.

The forest is mostly left to grow, sequestering carbon and acting as a habitat for life. During thinning, the largest trees are felled. This generates a profit, which Hiilennielu then uses to buy new forest estates. In this way, we improve the carbon sequestration of the forests, sequester carbon from the atmosphere, look after our water systems, and maintain the recreational value of our ever-growing forest area.

When you shop at Minska's online store, you support Finnish forests and strengthen their ability to act as an essential carbon sink for the whole planet. So go ahead and take good choices into your own hands!