Nothing new since 2003

Globe Hope

For the Finns of Globe Hope, there is more behind the name of their brand than mere words. Behind it is the idea of a better future that unites us all. As uncompromising pioneers in the sustainable fashion world, Globe Hope are ready to make our shared dream of a better future come true with hard work, conviction and perseverance.

For Globe Hope, it's far from enough to just hope. That's why they want to offer a better alternative and prove that responsible shopping is a choice everyone can make. With their uncompromisingly ecological products, they have been pioneers in the fields of responsible fashion and circular economy since 2003, proving that there is an alternative without having to use new raw materials.

In 2003 Globe Hope was founded by Seija Lukkala with the idea that textile waste can be a timeless and durable raw material for fashion. Since then, they have been making their products exclusively from already existing raw materials: surplus, waste or recycled. This is how they challenge the fashion industry and its norms.