Greenfinn's products are made from berries, berry's skin and seeds that are classified very beneficial to your health. Berries contain vitamins, antioxidants and phenol compounds more than any other product in the vegetable world. Berry flesh is also a great source of fibre. Let the nature take care of your health!

Greenfinn's products contain no additives or added sugar. Products are cold-pressed, quickly pasteurized and cooled.

The product assortments include sea buck thorn, blueberry, cranberry, black currant and aronia juice concentrates, crushed grain and sea buck thorn oil and sea buck thorn jam. Camelina oil and camelina crushed grain are also part of our selection. The most beneficial health effects can be found in Greenfinn's crushed berry grains.

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Greenfinn's Wild Blueberry Powder contains no additives or added sugar. Add blueberry powder to smoothies, yoghurt or quark. You can even use it in baking and sprinkle on your porridge.
Greenfinn's powder is produced from Finnish lingonberries by crushing whole dried berries, making it an excellent source of dietary fibre.
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