Ecological & Natural Honey with Soul

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved nature and everything that lived. She nurtured plants, animals and even insects. She was herself in her home in the middle of nature, and she still is. Interest in the soul landscape of bees and respect for nature soon became a hobby, and over the years, a private apiary, Hunaja-Aitta, was born.

Kirsi Lehtosaari started beekeeping as a hobby more than 10 years ago. When doing this, the enthusiasm grew and a partner, Pasi Vainionpää, joined the company's operations. Together they have developed beekeeping activities which value the welfare of bees above all, and today they are also breeding queens.

They take care of all of their hives from start to finish all by themselves, respecting the well-being of the bees and acting responsibly. After all, bees are the superheroes of their operation. Salla Airaksinen, a marketing communications expert in love with honey, has also joined the action. With this team, through their values and products, they are pushing forward their message of the quality, purity and naturalness of honey, as well as responsible beekeeping. Their goal is to raise the image of Finnish honey in Finland and around the world.

Their strength is their unique and innovative products, which they develop with their own tight-knit in-house team, from beekeeping to product development and packaging design.

They are constantly developing new flavour variations of their pure 100% Finnish honey, because they want to introduce new kinds of honey products for cooking and baking that meet demand in line with today's trends. They also utilise the expertise of other local producers and high-quality Finnish raw materials in the development of their product recipes, also enhancing the uniqueness of their products.