Authentic Food - Naturally.

What does a good meal consist of? All you need are real ingredients. They alone can be nutritious and filling. Let's say no to synthetic food additives, preservatives and other chemicals!

Ketokamu manage to achieve maximum shelf life with all-natural ingredients. You might be wondering how they manage to do that? With the best knowledge of renowned food experts and a new, unique way of thinking. Ketokamu meals are the kind of meals you could make yourself - except you don't have to.

Their meals are ready, so you can just enjoy them. In all simplicity, it's delicious and nutritious food - the same thing you make at home, just so that now you don't have to. On the go, at home, wherever you are. Also their snacks, created with keto in mind, do to support you on your keto diet.

That's why Ketokamu was founded: to make everyday eating easy, healthy and filling!

€12,46/100 g
€8,25/100 g
€6,48/100 g