in a holistic way

Kuura Essentials

Kuura Essentials are focused on manufacturing ready-to-use essential oils for the whole family! Their combination of scientific research and knowledge of aromatherapy helps you to increase your well-being in a holistic and natural way.

Their products are developed and manufactured in Finland with raw materials carefully selected on ethical and ecological grounds. The products are 100% natural and Kuura Essentials uses organic ingredients whenever possible, with 95% - 100% of products currently being organic.

Out of respect for nature, they are using recyclable glass bottles for their products and do not use outer packaging while planning on switching to fully biodegradable options in the future. All of their products are vegan and without any animal testing. They made it their mission to encourage people towards a more natural lifestyle, providing the latest information on essential oils, their usage and safety and guaranteeing excellent products!


Kuura Essentials therapeutic evening scent Just Chillin' calms your nervous system and promotes sound sleep.
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Kuura Essentials therapeutic Rise & Shine essential oil blend combining Basil, Eucalyptus and Peppermint refreshes the body and clarifies the mind with its fresh, green scent.
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