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METTÄ is the story of two Finnish women aspiring to live in line with nature and enjoy the holistic benefits of the Nordic forests. METTÄ is born out of their desire to share the pure, pristine and exciting flavours of Nordic forests with the rest of the world, to share a piece of the Nordic forest magic. They aspire to do this in the best possible way, sharing only the highest quality, completely pure ingredients in their natural form with nothing added to them and providing them in a sustainable and responsible manner. 

So why are they so keen about Nordic ingredients? Because in the Nordics, people are lucky to hold home to the cleanest nature in the world. They have an abundance of natural superfoods that grow from the cleanest soil, fed by the cleanest air and water and are strengthened by the midnight sun. This makes them that extra bit great, packed with nutrients and flavours.

Quality is their promise. They offer only the highest quality products, directly to you from the Nordic forests. All their products are 100 % natural, and they absolutely no additives or preservatives. They do carefully select our ingredients and package them in quality and sustainably to protect their naturally delicate aromas and contents.

When you choose METTÄ, you know you are choosing something that is good for you and for the planet, enjoy!
METTÄ’s Berry Forest Herbal Tea is a carefully selected blend of wild berries, berry leaves, and spruce straight from the Finnish forest.
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METTÄ'S Calm Sleep Herbal Tea is a carefully selected blend of classic bedtime herbs, such as fireweed, common hop, and heather flower.
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