Nordiq Nutrition

The food supplement with a difference

NORDIC NUTRITION®'s ambition was to create food supplements that fuse nature’s nutritious botanicals and the latest scientific research on food supplements, vitamins, minerals, and nutrition. Inspired by this approach, NORDIQ Nutrition® was born. They want to exceed your expectations. To challenge the norm. To deliver the best.

NORDIQ Nutrition®’s range of food supplements offers essential nutrients, supports the immune system, memory function, and concentration, reduces stress and promotes sleep, enhances digestion, cleanses the body, and helps sports performance. All their products are vegan and free from additives.

You can rest assured that all NORDIQ Nutrition® food supplements and sports powders are always 100 % free from additives and fillers. Therefore their capsules have more room for nutritious and active ingredients and, more importantly, you get the best possible value. In addition, all their products are vegan and free from gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, and yeast. The botanicals used in their products are certified organic and fresh freeze-dried whenever possible, naturally cultivated in clean soil or wild harvested. They do strive to minimize plastics and put great care into selecting sustainable packaging; the bottles are made from recycled glass, and their new powder packaging is made out of cardboard. Please do your share and recycle or reuse the packaging.