Our Mission


For a healthy, balanced and happy life. Every day anew. 

People in the north have found the formula for a happy life. A deep rooted satisfaction grown over centuries and trialed and tested by millions who found it to be the best. This satisfaction can be awoken inside of all of us. It is made up of many parts. Because, if the seperate puzzle pieces feel right and are good - the whole becomes good, regardless of where we are. Behind Minska are humans who experience this feeling everyday. We life careful and conscious. In harmony with nature, balanced and healthy. Free, confident and trusting. We value the simple things and we want to share all of this with you. We want to show paths on which everyone can find their inner satisfaction. What you will find on Minska are carefully selected products which will influence your everyday life to be calmer, stronger or healthier. We will deliver the full package right to your doorstep. 



At Minska you will exclusively find brands from the Nordics. Experienced daily, by us, and found to be wonderfully good. Inspired by the unique nature of the Nordics and a supreme quality when ingredients, material, design and production are concerned. The more natural and pure the better for your health. We value nature's power. All products meet our strong criteria and contain only natural ingredients and material which is free of synthetics or processed goods like refined sugar wherever possible. We believe that our well-being is elementary for our future. If we are well, we can be there for others. This is why we only offer healthy, sustainably produced products of selected partners who we work with on an eye to eye level. Sustainable for you, the community and for our environment. Transparency is important for us - from production to ingredients. We openly say what is in our products and what is not. Our aspiration are honest and good products without compromise in terms of quality and ingredients.