At Minska, responsible choices and business practices are part of who we are. It’s something that comes naturally to us. Each of us can make life better through the small choices we make every day. Through our offering of responsible products, we at Minska want to make it easier for you to consume responsibly and make sound choices. By consuming less or more wisely, each of us can make a difference through choices that are better both for us and for the environment – every day.

By choosing responsibly, we embrace a new way of thinking and a commitment to learning a new, better way of life.  


It is important to us that our partners observe the same values and practices as we do. We choose the products in our offering based on our fundamental corporate values and our commitment to continual improvement. We assign high priority to transparency, and we value openness and honesty in all our dealings with every partner in our supply chain.

Continual improvement on the path to a more sustainable tomorrow is one of our core values. We systematically pursue this goal by working closely with our partners and committing to clearly defined targets.  What we do today is important, but more important still is what we hope to do better tomorrow and the day after.


Before we begin collaborating with a supplier, we insist on thorough third-party ethical risk management. We expect all our partners to deliver proof of supply chain transparency in compliance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We identify potential risks and formulate common goals and schedules to address them. The shorter the supply chain, the better.

The following are among the issues we address in our supplier audits, covering both the supplier’s production chain and all subcontractors: policies and certificates delivering proof of CSR performance; most common raw materials used and their country of origin; criteria for choosing raw materials; indicators used in measuring environmental performance; and commitment to compliance with local labour laws and international conventions. In addition, we also assess the supplier’s CSR targets for the near future.

Goals of our sustainability audits:
1. To screen and select only those suppliers and products that meet our strict criteria
2. To identify common improvement goals 

Although we collaborate only with suppliers that pass our strict audits, we insist on complete openness and honesty about their current production practices – including areas in need of improvement. It is only by addressing problems that we can genuinely foster more sustainable practices and make a real difference for a better tomorrow. 

For Minska, acting responsibly is more than a matter of making smarter choices – it is also about developing new products and services. If there is something that can be done better, let’s learn how to do it together! 


What you do today is important, but more important still is what you hope to do better tomorrow and the day after.”


Should this product even exist?

Price is not the key issue for us. It is the product itself, how it is produced, and the values embraced by the company that made it. What matters to us is the impact the product has on the environment and the consumer. Every product in our offering must help people find balance and moderation in their lives.

Our offering is based on clear ethical values. Whenever we can, we choose suppliers that offer low-emission, energy-saving products made from clean raw materials using processes with a low impact on the environment.

We favour products and packaging materials that are living their second life, and we’re even happier if they can continue living a third and fourth life afterwards. The longer the product’s lifespan and the more times it can be recycled, the better.

Through our offering, we want to help, guide, and make it easier for you to choose responsibly in your daily routine. At Minska, we make moderation attractive by offering clean, healthy products that you want to choose, not only because it’s the right thing, but also because it’s a pleasure.

P.S. If you feel there is some way we could improve our performance, please don’t hesitate to approach us with your ideas. Every suggestion is a step on the path toward a better tomorrow for everyone.