100% Royal Alpaca

Ruukin Kehräämö's high quality and luxurious products are made from the best 100% Royal Alpaca alpaca fibre on the market. This 18 micron fibre allows the production of a very thin, uniform and tangle-free yarn.

Alpaca fibre is a greaseless, hollow fibre with particularly good thermal regulation properties. This makes alpaca sweaters and woven alpaca fabrics warm, breathable and lightweight. Alpaca fibre repels water and dirt and does not retain odours. Easy-care products are best cleaned by ventilation, although they can also be washed by hand or in the washing machine on a wool cycle if necessary.

No dyes are used in Ruukin Kehräämö's products. We do not spoil top quality fibres with chemicals, but rely on nature's own colour chart. All the colours we use are natural alpaca wool shades. Even the black yarn is completely undyed.

Classic Nordic Design

Ruukin Kehräämö's products are designed in Finland. Their scarves are woven on a Finnish loom and their knitwear collection is mainly made in the Baltics. Their aim is to bring quality and everyday luxury into as many people's lives as possible. Neatly finished, high quality garments do not wrinkle, but look well cared for even after long use. Thanks to their top quality raw materials, their knitwear does not wrinkle and the stretch is perfectly eliminated by steaming. Carefully crafted design and non-abrasive alpaca fibre ensure maximum comfort. We believe that the most ecological garment is the one that is in use. That's why our multi-purpose garments are designed to stand the test of time and wear. Their timeless, understated design extends the life of the garment. They strive to create products that stay relevant year after year. We do not have seasonal products. All their garments will remain in the collection as long as there is demand for them. In addition to men's and women's clothing, their clothing collection also includes unisex products.

Responsible production

Ruukin Kehräämö import the alpaca yarns used from Peru. Their partner spinning mill, the Michell Group, collects carefully selected Royal Alpaca quality fibres from local indigenous growers. For this quality, the grower receives twice the price of coarser grades. Ethical alpaca farming is guaranteed by the RAS (Responsible Alpaca Standard) label, which is awarded to all growers supplying alpaca fibre to the Michell Group. Their garments are knitted to shape. This minimises the amount of trimmings. Defective products are unravelled back into yarn. Nothing is wasted. By eliminating the dyeing process, the production process uses little water and, apart from detergent, no chemicals. In addition, they strive to use environmentally friendly alternatives in every detail of the products. That's why, for example, the zips on their cardigans are made from recycled plastic.