SEES was born out of a desire to create a range of products that cater to all senses in everyday life. The aesthetics, clean and ecological ingredients and carefully selected fragrance combinations are the key elements of SEES Company. All SEES Company's home cleaning and skin care products are made in Finland using ingredients of highest quality and world renown Finnish design.

All SEES products are chemical-free and contain no artificial ingredients. The fragrances are combinations of essential oils selected through a long and careful product development process. All fragrances carry a particular positive effect to our wellbeing - either by refreshing, strengthening or relaxing the mind. The product range includes laundry vinegars, textile sprays, essential oils, candles, hand soap and skin oils.

"Everyday life and happiness are made of small things. In these moments we want to be present, bringing joy for the eye and also for the mind."

- Elisa Koivumaa, SEES Company