Traditional skincare


Bath & Sauna Scents


Tervaskanto produces wellbeing products that cherish Finnish traditions. The foundation of the products are in natural raw materials that are collected from the nature of Finland. The most common active ingredients in Tervaskanto products are pine tar, resin, pine tar oil, honey and spruce knot extract. The product line includes soaps, shampoos, creams and balms for both humans and pet animals. In addition, Tervaskanto produces sauna products such as sauna tar aroma.

The Finnish nature is their inspiration behind everything, as Tervaskanto’s unique active ingredients are collected from Finnish forests, especially Lapland’s forests where precious raw materials like resin and pine tar oil are from. Some Tervaskanto’s products are made with traditional recipes and the newest innovational products utilize the same traditional raw materials that have proven to be effective. When collecting raw materials, Tervaskanto relies on the professionalism of locals who have perfected the traditional and sustainable harvesting methods. In most cases, harvesting and processing is demanding craft that requires years of practice. Tervaskanto values high quality, safety and sustainability. Because of this, Tervaskanto utilizes renewable solar power energy in their manufacturing process. All Tervaskanto products are made in Finland.