Martin and Katriina’s Karviainen farm have turned their family motto - good food - into something for all of us to enjoy! Specializing in broad bean, they have managed to turn the superfood which, admittedly, won’t appear too exciting to everyone, into something to behold.

Their products are handled solely on their own farm from seeding to packaging and their farm business dates back all the way to 1914.

All their emphasis is on quality and they avoid no lengths to innovate when it comes to bringing broad beans to us in new and exciting forms. As substitutes for a healthier cooking experience or simply as everyday snackables, this superfood glows with its high fiber and protein content while also being gluten-free. Brought to you by Voima-Papu straight from Finland’s fields. Enjoy!

Use these Karviaisten tilan Voima-Papu Power bean flakes as croutons for extra crunch on salads and soups. A healthy breakfast ingredient or snack.
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