Birkkala Organic Spelt Grain, 900 g

Birkkala Organic Spelt Grain, 900 g

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These organic whole spelt grains are versatile: grind your own fresh spelt flour, germinate to get nutritious, crunchy sprouts, marinate cooked grains, use for stews or as a side dish instead of rice. Spelt has a delicious, slightly nutty flavour, and is a good source of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. The product contains no additives or preservatives.


Birkkala Farm in Southwest Finland dates back to the 16th century, and hundreds of years later, in 1993, the current farming couple's parents started spelt cultivation, now continued by the couple and their team. In fact, the oldest evidence of spelt cultivation in Finland, from the 4th century AD, has been found in the same region where Birkkala Farm is located.

Birkkala Farm is committed to 100% organic farming, utilising crop rotation, for example, which keeps the weeds and plant diseases in check and maintains healthy, fertile soil. The grains are processed and packed on the premises of the Birkkala Mill, located just a stone's throw from the farm. Birkkala flours are stone-ground to ensure that the flavour of spelt and its nutrients are preserved. Many bakers also appreciate that Birkkala spelt flours have such a great feel with good baking qualities. Birkkala spelt products are not pre-cooked, which also ensures their high quality. The mill doesn't process any other grains but spelt, so you can trust that their products are really 100% pure spelt. With its slightly nutty flavour, spelt is a delicious, healthy alternative worth trying!

Spelt, an ancient grain and an old relative of wheat, is one of the first cultivated grains. The first evidence of spelt goes back some 5 000 years BC to ancient Mesopotamia. Spelt has many excellent nutritional properties. It's high in dietary fibre and protein and rich in vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, selenium, manganese, zinc, vitamin E and B-complex vitamins. Research suggests that its different carbohydrate composition compared to other grains makes it often suitable for people who experience gut issues with other grains. However, as spelt contains gluten, it’s unfortunately not suitable for people with celiac disease.


Grind your own fresh spelt flour, germinate sprouts, marinate cooked grains, use for stews or as a side dish instead of rice. For spelt recipes, visit

Tip: Rinse and then soak overnight to speed up the cooking time (≈ 1 hour).

Size: 900g

Contains GLUTEN - not suitable for anybody with celiac disease

Ingredients: Organic Wholegrain Spelt. Storage instructions: store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and strong odours. Recycling: paper/cardboard/compostable Certificates, logos and awards: Hyvää Suomesta - Produce of Finland, LUOMU - EU Organic Farming Logo FI-EKO-201, Jauhettu kivimyllyllä - Stoneground Made in: Finland

Nutritional value (100g):
Energy: 320 kcal/1330kJ
Fat: 2.6g
Carbohydrates: 59g
Fibre: 10g
Protein: 15g
Salt: 0g


Minska rating

Use these versatile grains to grind your own flour, germinate sprouts, for stews and as a side dish.

Nothing added, just the goodness of nutritious whole spelt grains.

Straight from Birkkala Farm, Finland.

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