Candid-Goods Cacao powder from Venezuela is made with no white sugar, just coconut palm sugar.

Candid G.O.A.T. Cacao, 650 g

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Domesticated in Central America almost four thousand years ago, cacao trees can now be found in equatorial regions around the world. Cacao beans constituted both a ritual beverage and a major currency system in pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations. The Aztecs, for instance, believed that cacao was given to them by gods, and in their culture cacao beans were seen more valuable than gold. Throughout much of history, chocolate was a revered but bitter beverage, very much unlike its delicious counterpart made by Candid-Goods.


Finnish Candid-Goods offers you drinking chocolate creations made by hand with highly renowned Venezuelan cocoa from sustainable and eco friendly farming for its smooth taste and quality. No white sugar is used, just coconut palm sugar. The Cordyceps extract comes from a fungus traditionally used in Chinese and Tibetan medicine as a health booster.


Mix 3 teaspoons of cocoa powder with a little water, then add 200 ml milk or oat drink, for example.

Weight: 650 g

Ingredients: Cocoa powder (57 %, non-EU), Coconut sugar, Cordyceps extract, Sea salt, Emulsifier (sunflower lecithin) Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Made in: Finland Please note that this is not a raw cacao product.

Minska rating

Guilt-free indulgence!

Prepare a yummy chocolate drink with pure ingredients.

High-quality, sustainably produced Venezuelan cocoa as a main ingredient (57 %).

No white sugar, sweetness from coconut palm sugar.

Made in Finland.

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