Foodin Raw Chocolate Almond, 60 g

Foodin Raw Chocolate Almond, 60 g

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Almonds are very nutritious, and raw chocolate makes a delicious addition to them. These raw-chocolate almonds are so nutritious that they are suitable for snacking, whereas their taste is so great that they can also be used as healthy treats!


Almonds contain a great deal of protein, fiber, calcium and “good” fat. The numerous nutrients in raw chocolate, on the other hand, include vitamins C and E, iron, calcium, zinc and copper.


Snack on these raw-chocolate almonds as such, enjoy them with other treats or use them for decorating pastries, for example. Try these nutritious treats, you’re sure to love them!
Ingredients: Organic almonds, organic cocoa beans, organic coconut sugar, organic cocoa butter, Bacillus coagulans Storage instructions: Package recycling: Country of production: Finland

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A healthy, filling and oh-so-delicious snack!

Finnish Foodin aims to create a food culture where everyone has the opportunity to make better choices. All of Foodin’s raw chocolate delicacies are made by hand in Finland.

Almonds are good for the heart, as they contain unsaturated fats and fiber. Almonds also suppress the appetite, so they make for a great snack.

Raw cocoa beans are very nutritious, and they stay that way when made into raw chocolate, as they are not heated like when making regular chocolate. Raw chocolate is rich in vitamins C and E, as well as iron, calcium, copper and zinc.

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