Gift Set Massage
Gift Set Massage
Gift Set Massage
Gift Set Massage
Gift Set Massage
Gift Set Massage

Gift Set Massage

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You want to make someone happy or pamper your better half with a soothing massage every now and then? Then our gift set massage is just right for you! The combination of the Guasha made of natural soapstone mined in a billion-year-old quarry from Finland and the skin oil from SEES, which consists exclusively of natural ingredients, pampers any skin.



Experience the combination of two great Finnish brands - SEES, who have made it their mission to produce pure products that meet the standards of European natural cosmetics, for everyday use and do wonderful work in the process. Together with the Hukka Guasha, made of magical soapstone from a few billion years old quarry in Finland an unbeatable combination that cares for your skin and relaxes your muscles.

The Hukka Guasha is ideal for treating the body or face and accompanied by the SEES skin oil is sure to be a refreshing ritual - for inspiration on how to use it, check out the videos to the left!



The shape of this Guasha stone has been designed to contour different parts of the body.

To enhance the treatment, you can heat the stone up in boiling water or cool it in the fridge.


1. Before and after a Guasha treatment, it is recommended to drink a glass of water or a cup of mild tea. Also, it is important to rest at least 10 minutes post-treatment.
2. The Guasha stone is an effective therapy tool to treat the whole body. It is completely normal that the treated area may be a little tender for one or two days after the treatment. During the Guasha therapy session you may experience redness in the skin or even some bruising. This is nothing to worry about; it just shows that your metabolism has been activated.
3. Do not use Guasha therapy on skin areas with any rash or eczema or on body parts with previous injuries or traumas. This therapy is not suitable for persons with serious health issues.
4. Guasha treatment is not recommended if you have a very sensitive skin or are prone to bruising.


1. When holding the stone, maintain the 45 degree angle to the area being treated. 2. You can slide and push the stone on the skin; by adjusting pressure and pace you will get different results. You can also use its versatile shape to press and roll on the skin. 3. Exercise caution when treating bones. However, you may find the sides of bones and areas between bones especially suitable for this treatment. Furthermore, the Guasha stone is suitable for treating joints and the face. 4. The stone can be used on its own or with massage oils. It is not necessary to expose the area to be treated; the stone is effective even through clothing.

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