Gift Set Sauna Comfort, Black
Gift Set Sauna Comfort, Black
Gift Set Sauna Comfort, Black
Gift Set Sauna Comfort, Black
Gift Set Sauna Comfort, Black
Gift Set Sauna Comfort, Black
Gift Set Sauna Comfort, Black

Gift Set Sauna Comfort, Black

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Sauna, who doesn't love it? You have a super sauna fan in your life and want to be on the safe side when selecting a nice gift? We've put together everything their heart desires in this gift set. Hukka's sauna fountain Saunatroikka is accompanied by the wonderfully supple linen from Jokipiin Pellava that found its way into this box in the form of a sauna towel - and pillow. The cherry on the cake are the beguiling sauna fragrances from Nystad Sauna Company. Give this sauna set with the best the Nordics have to offer and put a smile on the lips of your favorite person with an affinity for sweating.



In our set we have combined the highest quality products that the Finnish sauna world has to offer, unbeatable in quality and with ample experience, you can be sure that the items included are the ideal gift for sauna fans! Give the gift of sauna joy to sauna lovers, Nordic style. 



These easy to use sauna scent sachets are infused in a sauna bucket filled with hot water for about 20 minutes prior to having sauna. You can leave the sachet in the bucket and add water when needed or remove it once you have enough scent to your liking. Then you just throw some water on the sauna stove at regular intervals. The steam fills the sauna with lovely natural aromas. Make sure that you throw only water on the stove, not the sachet. You can re-use the sachets at least once, just let them dry between uses at room temperature.

Tip! Rinse your hair & body with any remaining water.

Store the package at room temperature, not in the sauna.

Please note that due to the nature of the product, it may stain light surfaces. Therefore it is not suitable for white sauna stoves or stones. If any water has been spilled over sauna benches, for example, rinse the surfaces well.



Place the sauna fountain deeply between the stones of the sauna stove while the stove is cold. With an electric sauna stove, the best place is near the heating coils but not touching them. With a traditional wood-burning sauna stove, place the fountain in front of but not touching the smoke duct. To ensure that the water doesn’t splash, always position the fountain at the back of the stove in an upright position and make sure that neither the pipe in the middle of the fountain nor the feed opening at the bottom of the basin are directed towards the sauna benches. Pour some water in the basin around the fountain pipes. Be extra careful when filling a hot but empty sauna fountain as this is when it is at its most powerful. With more refills, the fountain will level off with a steady gurgle.




  • Wash linen products separately from other washing (wash dark and light colours separately)
  • Completely soak the textiles before washing, especially linen terry (this is to ensure that the water in the machine is not absorbed into the textiles but instead used for washing and rinsing off the loose fibres)
  • Regularly check the machine’s lint filter, especially before and after washing a product for the first time
  • 60° C wash, “mild” spin-drying, half-full loading
  • Straighten and smooth out the textiles and hang on washing line to dry
  • Flat-woven textiles must be mangled when damp



1 x Jokipiin Pellava Liituraita Sauna Pillow, Black/Black

1 x Jokipiin Pellava Villa Bath Towel, natural/black

1 x  Hukka Saunatroikka Sauna Fountain

1 x Nystad Sauna Company Sauna Scent

Jokipiin Pellava Liituraita Sauna Pillow:
Size: 22 x 40cm Material: Linen 50%/cotton 50% Care instructions: see product label Made in: Finland

Jokipiin Pellava Villa Bath Towel:
Size: 75 x 200cm Material: Linen terry (70% linen/30% cotton) Care instructions: see product label Made in: Finland

Hukka Saunatroikka Fountain:
Size: 86 x 95 mm Volume: 1 dl without crushed granite /0.5 dl + crushed granite Weight: 1.44kg Contains: 1 piece/pack and about 150 g crushed red granite.
Raw material: natural soapstone and red granite. Application instructions: Place between the sauna stones as indicated, see HOW TO USE. Certificates, Logos and Awards: Key Flag Made in: Finland

Nystad Sauna Sauna Scent Gift Box:
Gift box contains: 3 individual sachets, each approximately 4g - 1 x Birch, 1 x Birch & Mint, 1 x Birch & Lavender
Ingredients: dried birch leaves, dried lavender flowers, dried mint. Storage instructions: keep dry at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Recycling: biodegradable sachets can be composted, packaging recycled with paper and cardboard. Certificates, logos and awards: Key Flag Made in: Finland

Minska rating

The deluxe set for all sauna fans!

The best and most sustainable Finnish traditional brands.

Soapstone sauna fountain, Ökotex certified sauna textiles and sustainable biodegradable sauna fragrances.

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