Soothe your eyes with the cooled Hukka Orbits stones!
Soothe your eyes with the cooled Hukka Orbits stones!
Soothe your eyes with the cooled Hukka Orbits stones!
Hukka Orbits Eye Soothing Stones, 2 pcs
Hukka Orbits Eye Soothing Stones, 2 pcs

Hukka Orbits Eye Soothing Stones, 2 pcs

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Located at Tuupovaara, Eastern Finland, Hukka has manufactured well-being products for decades. Their material is Finnish soapstone, quarried locally from a deposit older than two billion years. This material is very dense and has special properties, being ideal for well-being products such as these eye soothing stones. Soapstone absorbs cold and heat better than other natural stones and is also a very hygienic material. The surface feels silky smooth and pleasant on the skin.

Our eyes are having hard times with the constant use of computers, tablets and mobile phones. Soothe them with the cooled Orbits stones! They also work for puffy eyes from an allergic reaction or crying. The stones will ease puffiness out in 5–10 minutes.

Hukka's product range “Harmony” combines an authentic Finnish material with the best natural therapies around the world for your enjoyment!


Handmade in Eastern Finland, they are an innovative quality product for your well-being. Hygienic, durable and safe to use. Their material, soapstone, is quarried responsibly, without harming nature around the ancient deposit.


Cool the stones in the fridge and then place them over the eyes. The weight of the stones feels soothing, and as the stones have holes in the middle, the pupils won't feel the cold. In the case of very dry eyes, you will have to activate Meibomian glands with warm stones. Warm the stones in hot water: Place them in a bowl filled with half a litre of boiling water. Let the water cool down until the stones feel slightly warmer than your skin, by then they will have absorbed enough heat. Place the stones over your eyes and let the warmth work its miracles. To activate Meibomian glands, you can massage the eyelids gently in circular movements with the stones. Another option is to slide the stones over the eyelids, from top to bottom. If needed, you can heat the stones again and repeat the treatment.

Never heat the stones in the microwave oven!

To keep your stones hygienic and clean them from skin oils and residue from cosmetics, you can wash them in the dishwasher or by hand with dish washing liquid, and finish by disinfecting them with boiling water.

Raw material: Natural soapstone Instructions for use: Can be used cool or warm, place in the fridge or boiling water depending on the preferred method. Never use the microwave oven to heat the stones. Clean in the dishwasher or by hand, disinfect with boiling water. Certificates, logos and awards: Key Flag Made in: Finland

Minska rating

An innovative, all natural way to soothe tired or irritated eyes.

Ecological, plastic-free and reusable; responsibly produced in Finland from a local raw material.

Hygienic and safe to use.

Hukka has been granted a Key Flag logo by the Association for Finnish Work, guaranteeing that you get a premium quality product made in Finland!

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