Jokipiin Pellava Jugend Oat Warmer Pillow
Jokipiin Pellava Jugend Oat Warmer Pillow
Jokipiin Pellava Jugend Oat Warmer Pillow
Jokipiin Pellava Jugend Oat Warmer Pillow

Jokipiin Pellava Jugend Oat Warmer Pillow

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Use this therapy pillow warm or cold. A warm pillow is ideal for relaxation, making cold feet warm & snug and for relieving pain such as menstrual cramps, whereas a cold one can be used for easing headaches and muscle strains. The linen/cotton case is filled with locally grown Finnish oat grains.


Jokipiin Pellava, located in Jokipii, Western Finland, was established in 1920. They are renowned for their linen and linen/cotton home textiles, especially for their kitchen and sauna products. The brand is well-known in Finland and overseas alike. They have developed a comprehensive production process that is eco friendly and considers all environmental aspects related to industrial production. The linen yarn they use comes from Western European farms, which enables them to trace the origins of the fibre and ensure its natural cultivation and manufacturing process. Their linen and cotton yarns are Ökotex-approved guaranteeing that they do not contain harmful chemicals.

Jokipiin Pellava prides themselves on their durable, long-lasting products that can be passed on as heirloom items. Eco consciousness is not limited just to the yarn and fabric as recycling is an integral part of their manufacturing process, too. All this contributes to a small ecological footprint!

Linen absorbs moisture exceptionally well without feeling wet, making it perfect for your bathroom and sauna rituals. What's more, it is skin-friendly, used since times immemorial for fine textiles. Today, it is enjoying huge popularity and for a reason!


This therapy pillow can be used over and over again. Its intended purpose is direct application on the body. Once the grains have become so dry that they are brittle, discard it (biodegradable).

Cold: Freeze the pillow in a plastic bag for 2–3 hours. Place the cold pillow on the body for 10–20 minutes.

Warm: Microwave the pillow for approx. 2 minutes or warm in the oven for 5–10 minutes (100°C, wrapped in foil). To prevent the grains from becoming too dry, place some water in a suitable dish in the microwave/oven when heating the pillow. Let the pillow cool to a comfortable temperature on a heat proof surface. Test the temperature before applying the pillow to the body, it must not burn the skin! Place the warm pillow on top of clothing or use a towel between the skin and the pillow, leave on for 10–30 minutes.

CAUTION! Be careful when heating the pillow and handling it when it's hot. Do not leave the pillow to heat unattended. Do not overheat, follow the recommended heating times and use a low power setting. If the pillow smells burnt or smoke forms, immerse the pillow in water and discard when thoroughly wet. Do not use as a bed warmer.

Size: 14 x 45cm Material: fabric: linen 50%/cotton 50%, inner: Finnish Avena sativa (oat) grains 100% Care instructions: Store in a cool, dry place between uses. Remove stains with a damp cloth. Recycling instructions: Biodegradable & compostable. Made in: Finland

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This therapy pillow makes a lovely gift, especially for somebody who already has everything. Or why not pamper yourself!

Use warm or cold.

A stylish design, with a linen/cotton case & Finnish oat grains.

Eco friendly, biodegradable and compostable.

Made in Finland.

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