Jokipiin Pellava Poro Large Sauna Seat Pad, 45x160cm, White/Black
Jokipiin Pellava Poro Large Sauna Seat Pad, 45x160cm, White/Black

Jokipiin Pellava Poro Large Sauna Seat Pad, 45x160cm, White/Black

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Linen is not only the best material for sauna towels, but also great for protecting your sauna benches. Available in two different sizes, these sauna seat pads from Jokipiin Pellava are made of fine linen woven with yarn from Western European farms. Linen is excellent for use in the sauna because it dries quickly and can withstand great stress. The material becomes even more comfortable and durable with time and use. It dries quickly and absorbs moisture without feeling too damp itself. Take your sauna experience to the next level - you won't look back.


Jokipiin Pellava, based in Jokipii, Western Finland, was founded in 1920. The company is known for its linen and linen/cotton home textiles, especially its kitchen and sauna products. The brand is equally well known in Finland and abroad. Jokipiin Pellava has developed a comprehensive production process that is environmentally friendly and takes into account all ecological aspects of industrial manufacturing. The linen yarn used comes from Western European farms. This means that the origin of the fiber is traceable and the natural cultivation and manufacturing processes are ensured. The brand's linen and cotton yarns carry the Ökotex certificate, which guarantees that they do not contain harmful chemicals.

Jokipiin Pellava prides itself on its durable products that will be enjoyed by the next generation. However, environmental awareness is not limited to the yarn and fabric. Recycling is also an essential part of the manufacturing process. All these aspects contribute to a small ecological footprint.

Linen absorbs moisture particularly well, but doesn't feel wet, making it perfect for your bath and sauna rituals. It is also kind to the skin and has been used for fine textiles since time immemorial. There is a good reason that it continues to enjoy great popularity today!


  • Wash linen products separately from other laundry (wash dark and light colors separately).
  • Soak the textiles completely before washing, especially linen terry (this ensures that the water in the machine does not soak into the textiles, but is used to wash and rinse the loose fibers)
  • Regularly check the machine's lint filter, especially before and after washing a product for the first time
  • Wash at 60° C, spin "mildly", load the machine only half full
  • Fluff textiles, smooth them out and hang them on the clothesline to dry
  • Flat woven textiles must be ironed when damp

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