Luonkos Pehmeä Cleansing Cloth, black

Luonkos Pehmeä Cleansing Cloth, black

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Made from silky soft bamboo stretch terry, Luonkos Pehmeä Cleansing Cloth is gentle enough for the most sensitive skins to remove daily grime and makeup. This cleansing cloth offers a reusable, washable and ecological alternative to single-use cotton pads in your facial care routine. Effective in removing oil and makeup, the cloth is durable and has a long lifespan. Finnish-made surplus fabric is used to make these cloths at a small studio in Finland. Ready to use as they are pre-shrunk using unscented eco friendly laundry detergent. The dyes used are Öko Tex Standard 100 certified, and dyeing/finishing processes do not involve any harsh chemicals.


Luonkos is a strongly value-based, cruelty free natural cosmetics company from Naantali, a picturesque coastal town in southwestern Finland. Their motto is simple: “Best for my skin. Best for my nature.” With this ethos, Luonkos wants to inspire change, empower women and connect you to natural well-being. Their handmade products - bars, powders and balms - are formulated with the best skin-loving ingredients such as plant oils, superfoods and vitamins, combining ancient wisdom and the latest innovations in skincare. They favour locally sourced ingredients and whenever imported ones are needed, their origins and sustainability are carefully evaluated - no palm oil or GMO in Luonkos' products. Responsibility is part and parcel of the company and its product development, production, packages and procurement. You can be sure there are no microplastics or other harmful ingredients in Luonkos' products; in fact, they contain no preservatives, and all their raw materials are biodegradable. With their production facility in Finland, Luonkos uses green electricity, consumes as little water as possible and minimizes their carbon footprint. Adhering to their zero waste principle, the company recycles everything they can and only uses biodegradable, recycled packaging materials. The company has been granted a Key Flag logo by the Association for Finnish Work, guaranteeing that you get a premium quality product made in Finland! The brand and its products have also been recognized and placed in various categories at the International and Nordic Beauty Shortlist Awards.

Luonkos was born when three enthusiastic and innovative women, Miia, Jonna and Piritta, joined forces a few years ago. Frustrated with the cosmetics market where mass production, incomprehensible ingredients lists and plastic waste seemed to be the norm, the team looked for inspiration in Naantali's history. Centuries ago, a strong connection between women, nature and well-being flourished in a local Bridgettine convent. Its magnificent herb gardens were a source of botanical treasures cherished by the nuns. In the footsteps of their herbalist predecessors, the three ladies went on to develop a sustainable and ethical skincare product range that pampers modern women in harmony with Mother Nature. Be part of their groundbreaking mission of creating tomorrow's cosmetics today!


Wet the cloth in warm water, squeeze out excess water and wipe off any oil and makeup. Repeat if necessary. Wash your cloth regularly. Machine-wash at 60–90°C, no fabric softener; hand-wash with warm soapy water, we recommend using a bar soap (eg Marseille soap) to agitate dirt from the cloth. Reshape whilst damp, line dry.

Size: 20cm x 20cm

Material: bamboo viscose 82% & polyester 18%

Washing instructions: Wash regularly. Machine-wash at 60–90°C, no fabric softener; hand-wash with warm soapy water, preferably using a bar soap. Reshape whilst damp, line dry. Certificates & Awards: Oeko Tex 100. Made in: Finland

Minska rating

An ecological cleansing cloth for removing daily grime and makeup.

Silky soft, gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

Extremely durable & washable.

An eco friendly alternative to single-use cotton pads.

Made in Finland.

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