Mettä Porcini Salt brings the crisp autumn flavors of the Nordic forests right into your kitchen.
Mettä Porcini Salt brings the crisp autumn flavors of the Nordic forests right into your kitchen.
Mettä Porcini Salt, 50 g

Mettä Porcini Salt, 50 g

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Hey mushroom lover, here's the perfect seasoning for you: delicious Nordic porcini mushrooms and herbs mixed with the purest and highest quality Nordic sea salt!


Growing wild in the pure Nordic forests, porcinis are considered the gold of mushroom hunters, a true delicacy. This porcini salt brings the crisp autumn flavors of the Nordic forests right into your kitchen and helps you reach a new level of luxury with any meal!

Nordic porcinis are delicate, yet abundant in flavors, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. The salt used in this mix is the purest, highest quality Norwegian sea salt that creates a harmonious balance with the wild mushrooms.

Mettä’s products come to you directly from the Nordic Forest. They are 100% natural and contain absolutely no additives or preservatives. The ingredients are packaged carefully and sustainably to protect both their delicate aroma as well as our precious planet.

Mettä’s partner North Sea Salt Works is a Norwegian family company producing the highest quality, sustainably produced Nordic flake salts. They use 100% renewable energy in their salt production and work in every manner to produce organic salt, should it become certifiable in the EU. The salt is unpurified, containing all the natural minerals, not merely natrium.


Try sprinkling the flavorsome salt on omelets, pasta, and risotto. Or mix it with butter for some delicious bread spread with a special Nordic twist! Works wonderfully as a seasoning for meat and fish dishes, too.

50 g pouch

Ingredients: Nordic flake sea salt (86%), porcini mushroom (Boletus edulis) (7%), thyme, nettle. May contain small pieces of plant stem. Made in: Finland (mushrooms and herbs), Norway (sea salt). Recycling: Mettä uses environmentally friendly packaging materials, and the pouches are either 100% compostable or biodegradable. See recycling info on the packaging


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If you're a mushroom and forest lover, then this porcini salt is for you!

Nordic flake sea salt mixed with delicious porcini mushrooms and delightful Nordic spices... seasoning your favorite dish doesn’t get any easier than that!

From building mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers to compostable packages, what we love about METTÄ is their mission to responsibly share the natural superfoods of Nordic nature with the rest of the world.

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