Nystad Sauna Gift box includes 3 sauna scents - traditional Birch, invigorating Birch & Mint and calming Birch & Lavender.
Nystad Sauna Gift box includes 3 sauna scents - traditional Birch, invigorating Birch & Mint and calming Birch & Lavender.
Nystad Sauna Gift box includes 3 sauna scents - traditional Birch, invigorating Birch & Mint and calming Birch & Lavender.

Nystad Sauna Company Sauna Scent Gift Box

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Nystad Sauna Company makes your sauna experience even more enjoyable with their handmade, ecological and innovative sauna scents. Dried and crushed birch leaves, lavender flowers and mint with their essential oils are the secret of these little sachets of magic, making for sauna time bliss. All the ingredients are Finnish, organic or wild grown, and of food grade. The product is 100% natural, zero waste, plastic free, chemical free, biodegradable, vegan and safe. A convenient, non-messy way to create an authentic Finnish sauna experience. Just choose the scent to suit your mood today - traditional Birch, invigorating Birch & Mint or calming Birch & Lavender - and be prepared for some serious self-indulgence with a clean conscience!


Located in Uusikaupunki, a small coastal town in Southwest Finland, Nystad Sauna Company's mission is to share a little piece of Finnish nature with the world. They cooperate with reliable partners who share their own values of sustainable and ethical production and business practises. As part of their social responsibility, they offer jobs to persons with intellectual or other disabilities through local sheltered workshops. The company has been granted a Key Flag logo by the Association for Finnish Work, guaranteeing that you get a premium quality product made in Finland!

Behind Nystad Sauna Company you will find three enthusiastic women, Anu, Tanja and Eva, whose inspiration comes from the raw, natural beauty of things. This is exactly what their sauna scents are like. Less definitely can be more!


These easy to use sauna scent sachets are infused in a sauna bucket filled with hot water for about 20 minutes prior to having sauna. You can leave the sachet in the bucket and add water when needed or remove it once you have enough scent to your liking. Then you just throw some water on the sauna stove at regular intervals. The steam fills the sauna with lovely natural aromas. Make sure that you throw only water on the stove, not the sachet. You can re-use the sachets at least once, just let them dry between uses at room temperature.

Tip! Rinse your hair & body with any remaining water.

Store the package at room temperature, not in the sauna.

Please note that due to the nature of the product, it may stain light surfaces. Therefore it is not suitable for white sauna stoves or stones. If any water has been spilled over sauna benches, for example, rinse the surfaces well.

Gift box contains: 3 individual sachets, each approximately 4g - 1 x Birch, 1 x Birch & Mint, 1 x Birch & Lavender

Ingredients: dried birch leaves, dried lavender flowers, dried mint. Storage instructions: keep dry at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Recycling: biodegradable sachets can be composted, packaging recycled with paper and cardboard. Certificates, logos and awards: Key Flag Made in: Finland

Minska rating

An innovative and easy way to create a traditional Finnish sauna experience.

Three lovely scents: Birch, Birch & Lavender, Birch & Mint.

100 % natural, ethically and responsibly produced.

Recyclable & compostable.

Makes a lovely gift in a stylish box or why not pamper yourself!

Handmade in Finland.

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