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Ruukin Kehräämö's Alpaca Wool Knee-High Socks, Gray

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These alpaca wool rich knee-high socks are comfortable, hard-wearing and healthy for your feet. Made from 80% Superfine Alpaca, 15% polyamide for added durability and 5% elastane. A thinner, smooth knit to suit many occasions: riding and hiking boots, lighter footwear and dress shoes. No itch, no sweat and no need to wash regularly. They are ecological, biodegradable, recyclable, carbon compensated and durable. Sustainably produced and sourced material. No chemicals or dyes were used to treat the alpaca wool. Unisex. 


Imagine wearing something so squishy, sumptuous, soft, light and warm that it feels like you are wrapped in a cloud. Sounds like a dream material. It is, and it comes from alpacas, those elegant, fluffy, wide-eyed animals from the Andes. Alpaca wool is one of the most luxurious and  sought-after fibres in the world, and has many unique and superior qualities that beat sheep wool and even cashmere. Finnish Ruukin Kehräämö in the beautiful former ironworks village of Mathildedal specialises in this noble fibre and produces the most divine knitted and woven products made in Finland and the Baltic Countries offering you superior quality, timeless Finnish design, durability and comfort. They are ethical, sustainable and ecological from wool production to the end product, come in basic natural alpaca colours and are not treated with dyes or chemicals (no superwash treatment). Ruukin Kehräämö's woven scarves and knitwear are exceptionally high-quality, rare 100% Royal Alpaca, which is even better than renowned Baby Alpaca, whereas socks are made with Superfine fibre. The diameter of Royal Alpaca fibres is just 18 microns, which is very, very fine, making the material super soft and non-itchy, thus suitable for even the most delicate baby skin. This luxurious material does not pill, the garments retain their shape and can be easily reshaped. Knitwear items are sewn together using pieces that are knitted into shape, so there is almost no material waste. Faulty items are unravelled and the yarn used again. Nothing gets wasted. 

The alpaca fibre is hollow, light and smooth. It doesn't contain lanolin at all. It insulates up to seven times better than other wool fibres. Alpaca wool is odour-resistant, dirt and moisture repellent and moisture wicking (more effective in the latter than technical fibres), and also hypoallegenic so it's ideal for sensitive skins.

The alpaca material for Minska's collection of Ruukin Kehräämö products is purchased from indigenous people in Peru, whose livelihood depends almost solely on their alpacas. It is Fairtrade certified and also complies with the Responsible Alpaca Standard (the RAS). Ruukin Kehräämö is very careful with their selective breeding programme as they constantly strive to improve the quality of alpacas and their wool. Happy, healthy, high-quality alpacas living naturally is their ethos. They have meticulously hand-picked their partners complying to these prerequisites, and support their Peruvian collaborators in their alpaca breeding programmes to further improve the wool quality and well-being of both alpacas and their humans. What's more, as an proof of quality excellence, the International Alpaca Association (the IAA) based in Peru has awarded Ruukin Kehräämö with the Alpaca Origin Mark Gold certificate. The Mark applies to products that are 100% Baby Alpaca or higher quality alpaca wool, and in the past 16 years, just 49 international companies have been awarded it. 


Alpaca wool with its inherent qualities of being odour-resistant and antibacterial does not require regular washing. Instead, hang your garment out to air. You can also hang it in the bathroom while bathing or showering; the steam will freshen the garment up. Spot treat stains immediately with a suitable solution for the specific stain and let air dry. Ruukin Kehräämö's alpaca wool items can be hand and machine washed in cold water on the wool cycle when needed. Use a mild eco friendly soap (Marseille) or liquid detergent. No bleaching, dry cleaning or tumble drying. Dry flat.

Material: 80% Superfine Alpaca from Peru, 15% polyamide for added durability and 5% elastane Care instructions: see the care label on the product and refer to the general care instructions given with the product description. Designed in: Finland Made in: Finland Certificates, logos and awards: Fairtrade, the Responsible Alpaca Standard (the RAS)

Minska rating

Everyday luxury and comfort with a clean conscience.

Hard-wearing, comfortable socks for many occasions, unisex.

Sustainable and ethical from wool production to the end product.

Designed and made in Finland.

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